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Become a chaplain or pastoral visitor

Become a chaplain or pastoral visitor

Do you have a heart for being part of a growing number of fellow Christians, who are reaching out to people in their local communities and institutions?

Then you should think about becoming a chaplain or pastoral visitor.

Chaplains and pastoral visitors provide a source of hope through listening, caring and reminding people that God continues to love them irrespective of their circumstances.

Each week in our District, hundreds of people in the wider community experience face-to-face pastoral care from Lutheran chaplains and pastoral visitors in hospitals, prisons, aged care facilities, education institutions and other community organisations.

If you think you can bring fresh hope to your community by becoming a chaplain or pastoral visitor, and would like to talk to someone about it, contact your pastor or someone you know in a chaplaincy or pastoral visiting role.

You can also contact Director of Chaplaincy Ministries Pastor Peter Miller, who will be delighted to meet with you to discuss what is involved in this valuable and rewarding ministry.

Peter Miller: 08 8267 5211 or