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Resources & Publications

File Name Description File size Date Updated Department
Conflict of Interest Policy - LCA SA/NT District Conflict of Interest 17kb 18-07-14 Administration
Congregational Match Making Models for two congregations working together 108kb 15-06-12 Mission
Constitution Procedures Guide for Congregations - LCA SA/NT District Constitution Guidelines 31kb 26-06-15 Administration
Converge 134kb 10-02-14 Chaplaincy
current mission enews august 2011 edition 1,413kb 07-09-11 Mission
DfM Director Report to Synod Director for Mission's report to the 2012 Synod 224kb 15-06-12 Mission
DfM Feedback Form Feedback Form used by the Department for Mission 56kb 15-06-12 Mission
DfM Workshops and Seminars Seminars and Workshops offered by the Mission Department 391kb 24-05-13 Mission
Disability 101 Workshop 379kb 15-10-13 Mission
District Conference Electives 228kb 09-10-13 Mission
District Conference Registration Form 506kb 09-10-13 Mission
District Conference Registration Form 513kb 17-09-13 Mission
Do Not Enter - Sign Health and Safety 28kb 18-07-14 Administration
Electrical Equipment Register Health and Safety Support Materials 54kb 18-07-14 Administration
Email Guidelines - LCA Email Guidelines 69kb 29-07-14 Administration
Email Policy - the LCA model Model Email Policy 137kb 18-07-14 Administration
Emergency Repairs - Poster Health and Safety 31kb 18-07-14 Administration
Enjoying the best sex 180kb 16-08-12 Chaplaincy
Faith and Reason 262kb 16-08-12 Chaplaincy
Faith or Reason 126kb 16-08-12 Chaplaincy