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Resources & Publications

File Name Description File size Date Updated Department
Lutheran Men of Australia September Newsletter 859kb 02-09-13 Mission
Lutheran Men of SA April 1,177kb 14-04-14 Mission
Lutherans For Life 2013 National Conference 395kb 13-08-13 Mission
LWSA Retreat 2013 166kb 16-11-12 Mission
LWSA/NT Retreat Rego Form 61kb 29-07-14 Mission
LWSANT Annual Convention Report 226kb 09-07-13 Mission
Ministries - LCA SA/NT District District Ministries 1,170kb 18-07-14 Administration
Ministry with Seniors Information about care and services for older South Australians 680kb 07-09-11 Aged Care
Ministry with Seniors 2010 Care and Services for elderly 743kb 18-07-14 Administration
mission enews latest email edition of enews 23-09-11 Mission
Mission Focus Feedback 25kb 29-08-12 Mission
Mission Focus Introduction 361kb 29-08-12 Mission
Mission Focus Studies Complete The complete materials for the Focusing and Encouraging Mission studies 626kb 03-09-12 Mission
Mission Focus Study 1 201kb 29-08-12 Mission
Mission Focus Study 2 203kb 03-09-12 Mission
Mission Focus Study 3 205kb 29-08-12 Mission
Mission Focus Study 4 205kb 03-09-12 Mission
Mission Focus Study Extra Questions 41kb 29-08-12 Mission
Mission Workshop Brochure 602kb 29-08-12 Mission
Mission Workshop Promotion What people are saying about the DfM mission workshops 558kb 15-06-12 Mission