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Resources & Publications

File Name Description File size Date Updated Department
Models of Ministry Alternative Models of Ministry 15-06-12 Mission
Models of Ministry Different approaches to being Church in the LCA today 178kb 04-08-11 Mission
Notes and Reflections on Changing the Culture in the SA/NT District Reflections on Changing Culture 187kb 20-02-13 Mission
PCBU, Worker Definition Health and Safety Update 605kb 29-07-14 Administration
Politics and Religion 95kb 16-08-12 Chaplaincy
Popular Report 2012 139kb 02-06-14 Administration
Popular Report 2014 0kb 02-06-14 Administration
Power, Love and Evil 191kb 16-08-12 Chaplaincy
Preaching Evangelically on Discipleship Avoiding legalism in presentations on discipleship 55kb 14-03-12 Mission
Prepare 367kb 25-03-13 Mission
Privacy Policy - LCA Protection of Privacy 29kb 18-07-14 Administration
Relationships and Sex 188kb 16-08-12 Chaplaincy
Resources for Sale 12-08 238kb 29-08-12 Mission
Resources for Sale from the DfM Resources for Sale 193kb 15-06-12 Mission
Responses to Dawkins 250kb 16-08-12 Chaplaincy
Resurrection 167kb 16-08-12 Chaplaincy
Rural Church Principles 8 Principles that make Rural Churches Effective 122kb 15-06-12 Mission
SA District Aged Care Services - ACC brochure Aged Care Council - SA District Aged Care Services 1,725kb 18-07-14 Aged Care
SA/NT Mission Update 13-03-01 Mission News 88kb 01-03-13 Mission
Safety Improvement Register Health and Safety Support Materials 39kb 18-07-14 Administration